Repair, Restoration and Conservation

At our furniture restoration and conservation workshops we are a small team of highly skilled and experianced specialist wood workers offering our customers a wide range of skills.

The interior of the restoration & conservation workshops showing benches and machinary

Versed in the repair and restoration of furniture from all periods we bring the same skill and commitment to a modern piece of furniture as we do when working with an 18th century antique .

The Things we Do 

Because every item of furniture presents with it’s own unique problems it is impossible to list here all that we see for repair . Some items that come to us have just a small unsightly scratch to repair, while others may come to us in a multitude of pieces needing a complete re-build.

Below you will find listed a few of the common jobs we carry out regularly. Call us to discuss your particular needs and helpful friendly advise. Shown on our gallery page you can view recently completed jobs. We try to keep this page updated.

Scratch repairs and Re-colouring

#  Cleaning, french polishing and wax polishing

#  Repairing loose chair joints

#  Replacing and repairing veneers and inlays

#  Fitting new desk and table leathers

#  Matching and replacement of moulding, carvings and turnings

#  Sprayed lacquer work

Phone us for a quotation whatever size the job.


For more information or to discuss your requirements Please contact us on 01536 411461 or e-mail