Painted Furniture

The tradition of painted furniture reaches far back into history with examples found from all continents. In more recent times thoughout Europe and here in Great Britain the decorative painting of furniture was common place. It is still common to find pieces dating from the 18th and 19th centuries in antique shops.

The period from 1970 to 1990 saw a trend for stripped and polished pine. Many outstanding examples of painted furniture were put into the stripper’s caustic tank at that time.  Unfortunately with little or no regards for the decoration or period. We have for some years now been repainting stripped .pieces.


In general, pachest3 painted furnitureinted decoration conforms to one of three types, being (1) Plainly painted in one or more colours,  sometimes with simple line decoration as the chest on the  left .


Or (2) painted in a base colour with a further coat or coats of paint applied andfrenchcdpainted4 decoratively manipulated, sometimes with further pictorial work . This type of finish is known as broken colour work, illustrated by the commode on the right.

This commode was made and painted in our workshops.

(3) Painted with realistic wood graining.  To represent a superior wood to the one thats being paipntsatinwood1nted on. Often with related inlays or marble effects. The illustration shown is painted satinwood.

Conservation and Restoration of Original Painted Furniture

At Grantham Workshops.
We are experienced in the cleaning and revival of original painted items.  We clean the paintwork to remove the dirt and any perished surface film.  After which we replace any areas of paintwork that are missing or otherwise damaged. Once done we reseal the paintwork with a Shellac varnish or polish. Finally we wax polish the item with a coat of bees wax polish.

Painting Service

Further to the care of original and antique painted furniture we also offer a painting service for new pieces. Whether made in our workshops or supplied by the customer. We are able to carry out a wide range of finishes in any colour.  These include simple painting & lining, broken colour work, antiquing & distressing, marbling and graining.

We are always pleased to discuss your ideas and give advice

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